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Our commitment toward environement

Our actions

Help to preserve Biodiversity

We're offering our house and parc to biodiversity.  Neither a lawn nor a field, it is an harmas in the path of Jean-Henri Fabre's.

Without any fertiliser, pesticides or other phyto-sanitarian products, we try to help local flora and fauna to develop and re-introduce local species.  With a dry landscape garden type, we avoid watering unless it is to reduce important water stress. In the pursuit of good water ressources management, we favour sparse  and deep watering and ban superficial watering, and thus, drip-irrigation that renders plants too dependant because of the developement of superficial roots as opposed to deep roots.


Manage water and ressources

We check our consumption counters each month to control our consumption.

You will find in the rooms devices allowing you to save water: pressure reducer, dual flush, laundry, saving of water from heat pumps, ... ; 

For electricity, we installed compact fluorescent lamps, LED flat screens, shared class A fridge, heat pumps, ... ;

We don't throw away what can be recycled in our uses and habits, as we do with gardening "waste": pruning, leaves(mulching, composting,...), weeds...

We try to use as little polluting, energy wasting, agressive to the flora and fauna and dangerous for human health products as possible for our pool.
No stabilisator as those are almost impossible to eliminate, "floculant"(heavy metals and aluminium),  ...
Therefore, the pool(ecologic aberration) can easily change according to rains, insect flights ending in it, pollens, leaves cut and carried by the mistral.
The pool isn't part of the offered amenities. We intend to make it into a natural pool.




You have projects, competences, wants, let's unit them.

Comming soon, lauching of Maison de l'Arc's products with Marcs de Provence.
Promoting local et regional products.

Still under study

Solar production network;

Optical fibers and internet:IP applications network


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Our projects :

Solar promotion

Optic Fiber network

Villa de l'Arc's services

Reunions and Trade Fairs
Commercialisation of regional products to Japan, Russia, Brazil...