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The Harmas of La Maison de l'Arc
Jean-Henri Fabre started his entomologist's experimentations in Orange until the day when the owner decided to cut the plane trees of his land, thus destroying years of observations. He then decided to search for a land in the Midi region, at the feet of a hill side. It's in Sérignan du Comtat that he finaly established his harmas.
Our park of humble dimensions is home to a variety of fauna and flora still common not so long ago, but rarely seen elsewhere nowaday. With donations, this environnement gets more rich everyday.
The park, surrounded by the plane trees of the Triomph Arc of Marius, marking the path from living to the eternal, and by it's cypres' curtain opposing the winds, constitut a peculiar ecosystem. Since it's lightly fresher and more humid, seeds and animals can enjoy the most of the sun's ardors. We have already listed some protected species while we're still at beginning this listing.
Nevertheless, the natural balance is still fragile as long as the place isn't completely cleanesed of pesticides and other phytosanitary products. That's why we had to constate the disappearing of a wild bees' nest.
Our harmas has no intend to even try to rivalise with the Sérignan one, but to be a peaceful rest for every species injured by the massive use of products in the vicinity.
We would like to thank our four partners that attend to the place to make it suitable to futur tennants.


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Our Projects :

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Réseau Fibre Optique

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Les Services de la Maison de l'Arc

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Réunions et Salons
Commercialisation des produits de notre terroir vers le Japon, la Russie, le Brésil

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