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City of Orange projects

In 2005, the city announced a project concerning the surrounding area of the Arc de Triomphe. This project will include the "déviation" of the RN7, followed by the renewal of the roundabout of the Arc, at an unknown date. The construction shouldn't start for a couple of years.
The city started an other project : the creation of a "centre communal d’action sociale" on the area right behind the Villa de l’Arc. Those works should be finished in 2010 but doesn't touch the Villa de l’Arc.
The result will be a nicer and a more friendly area.

Today, the RN7 cross the roundabout, in the center of which stands the famous Arc de Triomphe of Orange. When the project of construction of the boulevard around Orange will be done, this part of the road will only be used for local traffic coming from the North, to and from the center of Orange.
The Unesco announced it will give a grant for the restoration of the Arc if the traffic is restricted.

As the propertiy is in a distance less than 100M, one cannot modify the house or the surronding; a way to perserve the Arc and its surroundings.

We have created an association to preserve the biodiversity of the parc and their protected species, as well as the human memories and rites (druid and the calvaire). If you want to parcipate contact us.


The roundabout, with it's old "platanes" will be  partially saved.